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The Non-Invasive Treatment For Gum Disease

By Perio Protect

As a dental professional, you are constantly put in positions where you have to choose between doing what a patient wants or doing what they need. For example, a patient comes in and they are a hot mess. Calculus coming out of every crevice imaginable, bone loss and mobility galore. As a hygienist, this is your time to shine! Now is your chance to show the world just how smart you really are!

You take a considerable amount of time explaining the severity of their gum disease and even throw in examples of how the infection in their mouth is affecting them systemically. In your mind, you are pretty proud of yourself. You have explained everything so well and you begin to present your treatment plan. You start explaining scaling & root planing, debridement and irrigation. You are in your zone and on fire!

Then, as you pause for a breath, you take a look at your patient and you can see the fear in their eyes as well as the tears threatening to spill down their cheeks. Suddenly, you can see your patient as a small child who is trying super hard to be brave but in reality is extremely terrified. And the excitement begins to leave your body as you start to feel your patients pain & fear.

What if there was a better way? What if the way we’ve always done things is no longer the best way? I’m not saying we can eliminate the need for scaling & root planing, in fact, I doubt that will ever be the case. But, maybe we could make treating gum disease easier for our patients as well as our clinicians.

One of the main reasons scaling & root planing is so painful is because of inflammation in the tissues. So, doesn’t it make sense that if we can eliminate the inflammation before we start scaling, we could eliminate most of the discomfort associated with it?

Well, we now have the ability to do exactly that! We can have our patients wear Perio Trays a few times a day for a couple weeks before scaling & root planing and by doing that, we will eliminate the bleeding and inflammation, which will make scaling and root planing easier on our patients.

Perio Trays are custom made to fit over your teeth and gums while delivering antimicrobial medication deep below the gumline. The medication used in the Perio Trays is a 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel and when calculus is soaked in hydrogen peroxide, it will start to break down the protein chains in it, causing it to pit and fracture. It will actually soften the calculus which means it will be easier for you to remove.

So, not only does this make scaling and root planing easier on our patients, it makes it easier on us too. Which means we don’t have to work as hard!

Here is an example of a patient who wore Perio Trays prior to scaling and root planing. His results are amazing! And results like this are motivating for patients. Recare appointments become a reason for celebration instead of a dreaded event.

Learn more about how Perio Protect can help you and your patients succeed.

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