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It’s More Than a Dental CE Conference — It’s a Dental VACATION

By Dana Myers, RDH

A Smiles at Sea dental CE cruise is so much more than a great dental seminar, it’s a dental FESTIVAL!

You’ll find high-quality continuing education courses and networking opportunities at all top dental conferences. What sets Smiles at Sea apart is, in scientific terms, the “fun factor,” which acts as a catalyst to exponentially enhance your experience and transform it into lifelong memories… it’s SCIENCE! Okay, not really… but sort of — having fun DOES actually help you form stronger neural connections because it increases attention and improves encoding.While the intention of this post isn’t to say that you could potentially remember what you learn in your CE courses better because of how much FUN you’re having, the idea is a pretty cool bonus. Alright, in all seriousness and without further digression, I present to you some of the many FUN activities you can look forward to on your next Smiles at Sea dental CE vacation.

SRP In Class (No, Not That Kind!)

Shoulder… Rub… People… For real, that’s what it stands for! As in – MASSAGE THERAPISTS! We got your back! And neck and shoulders, too!

Whitening Ball

The biggest party of every cruise — the dress attire is all white, we accessorize you with glowsticks, unlimited drinks, and a DJ… then we top it off with a dance contest. Rumor has it that the October 2019 dental cruise to Key West & Havana will see the debut of our trusty captain as DJ Smiles!

Dental Comedy Show

Dentistry is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny, too. We’ve had hilarious performances from comedian hygienist Carlos Rodriguez who’s patient care stories remind us not to take ourselves or our work too seriously. Frank King, the mental health comedian will be shining light and humor on the often-ignored darker side of dentistry at our Fall 2019 dental conference.

Door Decorating Contest

Cabin door decorations are a common sight on cruise ships. We made it into a contest so you can win a prize for flexing your creative skills while brightening up the hallways (and make finding your cabin easier!)

Dental Fashion Show

Model and dental fashionista Debora Carrier of Twice As Nice Uniforms entertains and delights the senses with a fashion show like no other that highlights the amazing scrubs, jackets, and accessories she designs so that healthcare professionals can look and feel their best. If you’ve never tried 2AN scrubs, seriously, do yourself a favor. You’re welcome!

Costume Party

The October 2019 dental cruise falls right next to Halloween, so we can expect this party to have some pretty spectacular costumes! Since so many full teams attend Smiles at Sea, we’ll just throw it out there that group costumes are definitely encouraged!


Even if you don’t like to sing or sing along, karaoke is always fun to watch and cheer. Smiles at Sea attendees are the life of every party, so as you can imagine we put on quite a show!

Pajama Day

On Sea Day we encourage everyone to come to class dressed as comfy and cozy as you please. This occasion seems like exactly what adult onesies are made for… you know you have one… wear it proudly!

Pool Party

Of course we designate time to go party at the pool! It’s a cruise, after all! Don your best swimwear, grab a drink with excessive garnishes, and network with your dental professionals in paradise. A canon ball contest is a great way to make friends!

Spouse/Guest Event

Bringing your non-dental significant other or buddy on your dental vacation with you? During the first courses on the first day we have a separate event just for the guests to mix and mingle. For the first time ever, at our Fall 2019 dental conference the guest mixer will actually have its own special comedy performance by Frank King!

$25,000 of Giveaways

Yup, you read that right! Prizes are given out throughout the conference at various events and range from items like a UE Boom Bluetooth speaker or Segway to products and service packages or even scholarships from exhibiting sponsors.

What Else is There To Do?

All the above activities are part of Smiles at Sea dental conference, but it’s just the beginning. Because you’re on a cruise ship, you can also enjoy:

  • Pampering at the luxurious spa

  • Take in a show (comedy, magic, hypnosis, music)

  • Sample new cocktails at various themed bars

  • Gamble at the casino

  • Dancing at the club

  • Enjoy UNLIMITED food!

  • Relax at one of the pools or hot tubs

  • Get off the ship on an excursion to enjoy the tropical port of call

  • Play games or participate in a game show


Dana Myers is a dental hygienist who serves on the Smiles At Sea crew as Exhibitor Concierge, Ship’s Log contributor, and purple-haired fun-enhancer. Don’t miss our upcoming events! Check out our Cruise Specials!

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