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Top Dental Conferences 2024

How to Prepare for The Dental Festival to Grow Your Dental Practice

Running a practice is hard work. Working in a practice is hard work. It can be tough to take time off, but that’s the beauty of The Dental Festival where you can not only improve your practice but you can do so in a fun and relaxing environment.

Attending The Dental Festival enables you to get the best of both worlds—taking a dental vacation and accessing the best CE and dental networking at once. At the Dental Festival, you can meet dental experts, dental consultants, other dental professionals, and others looking to connect and help you improve your practice. Even better, you get access to ten dental conferences with one festival pass.

Here’s how to prepare for The Dental Festival if you’re looking to grow your practice this year and beyond.4

Get Your Epic Festival Pass

First things first, no magic is going to be happening if you don’t take action and invest in your epic festival pass. Your pass isn’t just any conference ticket. It includes not one but TEN of dentistry’s most exciting conferences. Collectively, you’ll have access to dozens of dental experts and influencers to inspire and inform you over six value-packed days. 

The conferences you can access at The Dental Festival include:

  • The Get Stress-Free Dentistry Summit
  • Dental Nachos Guac Con
  • Clear Aligner University
  • The Tao Method
  • Dental Boss Academy
  • Productive Dentist Academy
  • Dental Whale
  • Dentistry’s Got Talent
  • Dental Tank
  • Smiles at Sea

You can count on entering an environment where you can focus on learning how to reduce stress. You’ll find yourself able to enjoy dentistry more as your practice operates more efficiently. And that’s just the beginning. You won’t be disappointed with the variety of content available and the quality of speakers and other attendees you’ll meet at The Dental Festival.

Choose Which Dental Conferences to Attend

With your single ticket, you can attend one, two, three, or all six days. It’s up to you. Depending on your specific goals, you might want to attend all six days. It’s up to you to pick and choose.

The content you will be able to receive at the conference isn’t surface-level, either. From simple but high-impact CE to solving even the most complex issues at your practice, you won’t be disappointed. Go through the schedule ahead of time and decide which conferences and other events you want to attend.

A great way to narrow down your list is to look at the big picture of your practice. What’s working in your practice? What isn’t working? Finding the holes in your bucket is the first step to plugging them. If you’re having trouble with front office tasks, for example, you might want to make sure to check out the Front Office Rocks conference on Day 5.

Check out the conference schedule and highlight your highest priority conferences to attend!

Commit to Implementing Three Specific Strategies

It might be hectic when you come back to the practice, especially if you’re the practice owner. You might have learned some amazing tactics to transform your practice but get too swept up in the chaos before you can make those changes. That’s why it’s important to make a plan that ensures you won’t just attend this conference and let all that value grow rusty.

In the end, knowledge is useless without action. So, before you go, it’s wise to commit to making at least three improvements when you return. Then, at the event, make notes of potential strategies to implement. And on the way home, choose three specific strategies you will take action on.

The Dental Festival is a prime opportunity to get insight for growing your practice. Why not give yourself a well-deserved and much-needed break? in the present and future. Go soak up some sun in Miami and learn how to set your practice up for smoother sailing.

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