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How to Plan for a Dental Conference to Maximize Your Return on Investment

Attending a dental conference can be one of the best investments you make as a dentist. Whether you want to fulfill your dental CE requirements, grow your practice, save money, or build your reputation as a dental influencer, the best dental events can help you.

But to maximize your return on investment you need to plan ahead. The best dental conferences like the Dental Festival have virtually limitless opportunities to meet dentists, dental team members, dental influencers, dental vendors, and other people who can help you achieve your goals.

You also have virtually limitless opportunities to grow your own influence within the dental industry, such as attending Dental Tank and Dentistry’s Got Talent at the Dental Festival on Land.

Here’s how to maximize your return on investment in dental conferences by planning ahead.

1. Determine Your Goals

What do you want to achieve from attending the conference? The best dental conferences can help you improve your practice, achieve personal growth outside of your practice, and even become a dental speaker or dental influencer if that’s what you want to do.

Before going into a conference, determine your most important goals over the short and long term.

Do you want to grow as a leader? Do you want to increase production? Reduce costs? You can do all that, and more, by attending the right dental event.

Do you want to become a dental influencer? Do you want to speak at dental conferences? Do you want to promote a product or service you provide for dentists or dental practices? Attending dental events can help you achieve those goals, too.

The choice is yours. Decide what your goals in attending the conference are. Write down what you want to achieve inside and outside of your practice?

2. Review the Agenda

Next, review the agenda and lineup of speakers with your goals in mind. What CE sessions will give you the information you need to achieve your goals? Write them down and down all the sessions that can help move you forward.

Which speakers can be mutually beneficial connections for you? Are you looking to grow your practice? Speakers who talk about marketing or other growth strategies could be useful connections for you. 

What other events will help you move forward? If you want to get into dental speaking, you might want to attend an event like Dentistry’s Got Talent, for example.

3. Create a Written Plan

In addition to reviewing the agenda, write down the other types of people you want to meet. If you want to save money on dental supplies, you might want to meet vendors who can help you achieve that goal, for example.

With your list of sessions and other events to attend plus speakers and other types of people you want to meet, create a master plan of events you will attend and people you want to meet. 

4. Add Sessions and Other Events to Your Calendar

When the session and event schedule is released, put your most important sessions on your calendar so you don’t forget to attend them.

Then all you need to do is focus on meeting the people you want to meet to move you closer to your goals.

Maximize Your Dental Conference ROI by Planning Ahead

Planning ahead doesn’t need to take a lot of time. But even a simple plan can help you get the most value out of your experience at dental conferences.

Get your ticket to the Dental Festival on Land for the best dental CE, networking experiences, and more.

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