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How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience at The Dental Festival

Whether you’re an introvert who dreads the day you have to converse with business associates or an extrovert who is counting down the days till your next networking event, The Dental Festival on Land has you covered.

Nurturing your business relationships, making new connections, and continuing your education is crucial to your progression. Choosing to skip conferences and other networking events can be problematic because you’re missing out on potential networking opportunities and education. That’s why we made sure The Dental Festival makes education, networking, and having fun easy for everyone. It’s also why we are sharing ways to get the most out of The Dental Festival on Land. Here’s what you need to know.

Change Your Mindset

Despite the obvious benefits of attending a conference, many people shy away from attending because it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

Overcoming that hurdle is vital to growing in your business, however. And the first way to start overcoming that hurtle is to change your mindset.

From a mindset perspective, remember two things. First, remind yourself that attending the conference is not about you—it’s about more than you. Each connection you make helps you serve patients better, make your practice run smoother, or help your team members become more effective. You are attending the conference not only for you but for reasons that are bigger than you.

Second, remind yourself that everyone at the conference is there for similar reasons—and is likely out of their comfort zone, too. They are all looking to have fun while connecting with information, people, and resources that can help them grow.

Plan Ahead

You’ll receive a copy of the schedule for the event and what each day entails in advance. Mark down the sessions and events you will attend in advance. That will help you move through the day just like you do at your practice—from one appointment to the next.

Evaluate which events, speakers, and networking opportunities would be the most valuable for you during this season in your business. Jot down or highlight the events that are the most important for you to attend, and maybe make plans to relax or have a drink with another attendee during the events that don’t stick out to you.

If you’ve done your research before and plan on meeting a particular associate at the event, prepare some questions you’d like to know about them and their business in advance, too.

Listen More; Talk Less

If you are more of an introvert, you can make networking much easier by focusing the conversation on the other person.

Come with a short, practiced pitch about your goals and who you are looking to meet and then ask the people about themselves. That will get them talking, especially if they are more extroverted. You’ll learn a lot about them and how you can make connections for them, too.

Allow space for others to shine and to share with you. The more you listen and show your interest in them, the more interested others are going to be in you, all without having to stray too far out of your comfort zone.

Take Notes

This one might seem self-explanatory, but one of the best ways to retain what you learn is to write it down. When attending The Dental Festival, you’ll be meeting a lot of people and receiving a lot of information that you won’t want to forget.

Bring a small pad and pen in your pocket to write notes on as soon as the conversation is over. That way you won’t forget key information from your conversations. If someone hands you a business card, write down one takeaway on the back before putting it in your pocket. It will make follow-up much easier because you will have at least one talking point from your conversation at the ready, without having to remember dozens of different conversations.

Network in Your Comfort Zone at The Dental Festival

When you’re preparing yourself to attend the Dental Festival on Land, rest assured that we have taken care of a lot of details to make networking easy. 

From fun events to structured networking opportunities, we make it easy for everyone to leave The Dental Festival with information, connections, and an experience they won’t forget. Get your tickets to the next Dental Festival on Land, here.

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