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How a DSO Can Reward and Educate Dental Practices at the Same Time

As a DSO, things might seem a bit hectic right now with all of your dental practices not operating at full capacity thanks to quarantining and social distancing. But the pandemic actually presents quite a few opportunities for you to focus on behind the scenes to better your practices and plan for things that can happen after things go back to normal. Now is the time to reflect on what systems you can implement in your business to make it even stronger. One of the things that can really provide a backbone for any dental team is to make sure everyone on the staff is being rewarded and educated satisfactorily. Being rewarded keeps team members engaged and loyal. Being educated keeps them at the top of their game. So what can you do to reward and educate your dental practices?(Stick around or scroll down to the “How to Do Both at the Same Time” subheading to see how you can do both simultaneously!)

How to Reward Them

Bonuses are a common way of rewarding team members. A monetary reward can be a huge incentive for team members to not only perform better but to stick around at your dental practice. There are other low-cost yet effective ways to reward a team member, like sincerely expressing praise and telling them what specifically they’ve done well. But praise can only go so far.So, typically, rewarding team members will be something you’ll have to spend money on. Bonuses are the common reward, but they’re seen in most dental practices and businesses across the board. They’re not exactly a creative reward. A great way to impress team members with a reward and show your gratitude for their hard work is to give them a reward that’s not so typical. It could be some tickets to a city in Europe they’ve always wanted to take their family to or a thoughtful gift that is sentimental to them.

How to Educate Them

Dental CE courses are the best way to educate your team members. Online classes are the only option nowadays, with the pandemic, but they’ve also been becoming a popular trend for quite some time now.Traditional conferences are on the decline. They’re still extremely popular, but dental professionals aren’t too excited to go to them and that’s why alternative options—like online classes—are becoming more appealing. People just don’t want to do all the travelling and whatnot just to sit in a conference room and learn in a mundane setting.Regardless of what option you choose, CE courses are the best way to educate your team members. They’ll keep them sharp and up to par with the ever-changing landscape of dentistry. If you don’t want to pay the bills it’ll require to send your team members to dental conferences, there are a million books you can give them or podcasts you can recommend to them about the business-side of things, the best ways to treat patients according to the treatment they need, etc.

How to Do Both at the Same Time

You can get the best of both worlds, and get two birds with one stone, by bringing your dental practices aboard the next Smiles at Sea cruise. Things aren’t too clear about when cruises can start up again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up for our mailing list to learn more about when you can invite your dental practices aboard.They’ll truly enjoy basking in the sun, visiting islands in a tropical paradise, and more while still receiving great Dental CE. Creative, thoughtful rewards like a cruise can be just what your team members need to stick around. And the education is absolutely going to ensure they’re the A-players your patients deserve.

Come aboard the next Smiles at Sea cruise!

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