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What It’s Like to Be a First-Timer on a Smiles at Sea Dental Conference Cruise

Curious about what it’s like to attend a Smiles at Sea dental conference cruise for the first time? Well, you’re in for a treat! Combining professional development and networking with a fabulous vacation, our dental CE cruises offer a truly unforgettable experience. Here’s what you need to know to prepare and make the most of […]

Top Destinations for Dental CE Cruises

As the demand for unique and enriching dental continuing education experiences grows, so does the popularity of dental CE cruises. These innovative events offer a refreshing departure from traditional conferences, blending professional development with the adventure of travel to exotic locales.  Take a moment to picture yourself aboard a luxury cruise ship sailing through turquoise […]

Discover the Benefits of Dental CE Cruise Conferences

Are you seeking a unique approach to dental continuing education that combines learning with leisure? Look no further than a dental CE conference cruise to stunning port destinations. At Smiles at Sea, we believe in providing dental professionals like you with enriching experiences that enhance both professional growth and personal rejuvenation. Let’s dive into why […]

Top Dental Conferences 2024

Your ultimate guide to the top dental conferences in 2024! Get ready to plan your year of professional growth, starting with our exclusive list of must-attend events. In 2024, the dental conference landscape is set to be bigger and better than ever, offering a treasure trove of opportunities to supercharge your career. With the dental […]

How to Prepare for The Dental Festival to Grow Your Dental Practice

Running a practice is hard work. Working in a practice is hard work. It can be tough to take time off, but that’s the beauty of The Dental Festival where you can not only improve your practice but you can do so in a fun and relaxing environment. Attending The Dental Festival enables you to […]

What to Do When Getting Your Dental CE in Labadee

One day, Smiles at Sea will (hopefully) have an entire cruise ship all to ourselves for our dental CE cruises. Until then, though, we have to compromise by renting out space on cruise lines. For our upcoming 5-night cruise from Miami, Florida to Labadee, Haiti, we’re choosing Royal Caribbean yet again. And that means there […]

The Unconventional Dental Convention

You can’t keep your license as a dental professional without doing some continuing education courses. Every state requires different amounts of credits, but the fact remains. That’s just the way it is; we need to stay sharp to provide the life-changing treatment our patients both need and deserve. But unfortunately, for some of us, getting […]

3 Reasons for Orthodontic Teams to Take a Dental Cruise

It’s a common practice for members of orthodontic teams to attend dental conferences. Attending dental conferences help them take much-needed CE while paying enormous dividends for the productivity of your whole practice. From finding new productivity tools to building new and deeper relationships, attending the best dental conferences in 2020 and beyond is an investment that can […]

Dentist CE Requirements by State

With 50 different state dental boards and 50 different sets of requirements for dentist continuing education, it’s hard to keep track of what is required and where. The following list sourced from the American Dental Association provides a simple, easy-to-navigate snapshot of dentist CE requirements by state, in alphabetical order. We’ve also included links to […]

Smiles at Sea Pre-Cruise Checklist

A Smiles at Sea dental cruise is a fabulous continuing education vacation you’re sure to remember forever and want to repeat year after year – traveling the world, earning your dental CEs, & networking with dental celebrities. We want to ensure you have nothing but smooth sailing, so we’ve put together this pre-cruise checklist to […]