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Care For Your Practice The Same Way You Care For Your Patients

by Madi Bullock

Do you have a pulse on the health of your practice? How about days that are more popular for hygiene appointments, or holidays that may still warrant a half-day of being open?

The best way to know how your practice is doing is simple. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding–and when it comes to your practice, the performance is measured in numbers, aka, analytics.

Most peoples’ eyes glaze over when you mention analytics because they can be confusing, seem arduous to take action on, and it’s hard to really see the short-term value. But analytics is not unlike patients going to the dentist. Many patients may be hesitant to come in for a cleaning, but they concede to committing to a regular dental check-up because they know it’s good for them and their long-term oral health. Just the same, keeping and understanding the analytics of your practice goes along with the same principle: take on short-term cost for long-term gain.

Collecting and analyzing the data of your practice is no longer an option–it’s a necessity if you want to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing market. The idea of analytics may seem painful, just as a dentist appointment may seem painful for patients, but neither of them has to be.

You’ve likely perfected the patient experience and have a myriad of ways to mitigate pain points in the dentist visit experience. Weave has done the same thing with analytics. They’ve taken complex, frustrating, hard-to-understand data and created a seamless way for you, the practice owner or office manager, to view your practice’s data in an easy-to-use, transparent platform. It might even prove to be, dare we say it, fun.

It’s called Practice Analytics, and it’s brought to you by the same smart interaction platform that provides dental practices Text to Pay and Missed Call Text. This new feature in the Weave software goes even deeper than the original feature, Call Analytics, as it provides smart insights into entire practices as a business and is a game-changer for growth. It’s the only solution that allows practices to clearly identify patients slipping through the cracks and communicate with those patients via phone, email, and text all in the same platform.

In the first month of using Practice Analytics, a Weave office in Dallas, Texas increased their treatment acceptance by 18% and scheduled almost $30,000 of treatment. Another office in Northern California increased hygiene reappointment from 27% to 80%– assuring continued practice growth and retention.

Weave Practice Analytics gives offices real-time data (not info that was synced yesterday– real-time truly means syncing every 15 minutes) with actionable information for your team to control the trajectory of your success. Insights include information like how many of your patients are actually scheduled for a future appointment and how you compare to other offices across the country. You’ll see not only cancellations but also the more valuable information about cancellations: the number of patients and production value that have canceled and not rescheduled.

Caring for your practice is just as important as caring for the patients that make it run. Give your practice the information necessary to run a smart business. For more information on Practice Analytics, head to www.getweave.com, and for more insights and tips, register for the Practice Growth Summit. It’s the world’s largest online healthcare event featuring over 20 speakers, 15+ hours of free content, and over 5,000 attendees. Get access to actionable content straight to your inbox. Sign up here: https://try.getweave.com/weave-practice-growth-summit/.

Madi Bullock is a content writer and public relations contributor for Weave.

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