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4 Ways BURST Attracts Ambassadors

by BURST Oral Care

Almost every industry has embraced the benefits of having an army of influencers, and the oral care world is no exception all thanks to BURST Oral Care. The BURST nation is growing rapidly and now it’s rather common to see toothbrush-crazy colleagues cleaning their corn alongside Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen. So how do you get over 20,000 well educated dental professionals to notice you, love you and then sing your praises?

Because They Can

BURST made a decision early on that they would go right to the experts in the dental community during product development. After all, who knows better than the pros? We know what we want for ourselves and our patients. We have most likely tested out a variety of oral care brands and we have seen firsthand what works in a clinical setting. Every ambassador is offered a brush for a $20 refundable deposit. This application process proves you are a registered or licensed dental professional and that you have tried the product before recommending. BURST also made a promise to consumers that it would be industry experts making recommendations to them. So, when you ask some of the community why they decided to sign up for this program, they really just appreciated the opportunity.

No More Price Guilt

Fellow dental pros are in a position where they don’t need to pay full price for most of the products they recommend. The typical giveaways and discounts at dental conventions and lunch and learns allows them to try and own the best of the best. At BURST, the customer will always come first! Think back to how many times you were asked by a patient what electric toothbrush you used only to feel bad about the retail price tag. You might scramble for coupons, suggest a discount retailer or an alternative that didn’t work as well. That conversation gets old really quick. On the contrary, BURST ambassadors can get their patients a high-powered sonic toothbrush for just $39.99 and the replacement heads are as low as $6.

Cha Ching

Okay so the financial benefits of being a BURST ambassador are pretty neat too. For supporting the brand and acting as an ambassdor, BURST profit shares back to the community which converts to a payout for each individual every Friday. And, since every ambassador spends time educating their patients, family and friends about the company, BURST ensures that each person you refer is tied to your account forever, which means you’ll always get the benefit of any new purchases they make. This income can really make a difference – some of our ambassadors proudly tell stories of being able to go on their first family vacation, pay off personal debt or even fund their honeymoon. In more than one way, BURST is changing people’s lives for the better.

FOMO and Community

Let’s not forget the intense power of wanting to stay in the loop. Almost right away, new ambassadors come to find out the many benefits of being part of this happy family. There are Senior Ambassadors at every stage helping guide you through the product details, the company values and our super fun smart phone app. Bootcamps help folks learn social media skills, build their confidence for speaking on camera and even delve into professional development. It is an all-inclusive space meant for positivity, gratitude and growth. There are also events like BURSTcon, where BURST blows it out for all of their professionals – it’s an amazing weekend that you won’t want to miss. Just search the hashtag #BURSTcon on Instagram and you’ll see what we mean. Don’t want FOMO? Join the fun!

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