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3 Reasons for Orthodontic Teams to Take a Dental Cruise

It’s a common practice for members of orthodontic teams to attend dental conferences. Attending dental conferences help them take much-needed CE while paying enormous dividends for the productivity of your whole practice. From finding new productivity tools to building new and deeper relationships, attending the best dental conferences in 2020 and beyond is an investment that can pay dividends for years to come.The problem is that dental conferences are often a big hassle and only somewhat enjoyable. They’re often hosted in stuffy lecture halls. Many people are jetlagged and trying their hardest to put on a “networking” face. And because of how much hotel and lecture halls charge conference leaders, they are often very expensive.It doesn’t have to be that way. Dental conferences can be fun, productive, and affordable by simply changing the setting to a top dental cruise, like the ones hosted by Smiles at Sea. At Smiles at Sea, we offer an alternative to stuffy lecture halls and expensive hotels. Enjoy the winds of the Caribbean, with a tasty drink in your hands, as the sun warms your skin, save some money, and get even more benefits for you and your orthodontic team than even the most popular dental conferences. Here are three reasons dental cruises are the best choice for your orthodontic team.

1. Provide training in a fun environment.

There’s no denying that being on a cruise in the Bahamas is going to mean immersing yourself in a pleasant environment. A warm island breeze will provide an environment that’s much more charming than the auditorium of a hotel or a lecture hall at a rented-out university.When an orthodontic team member goes to a normal dental conference, it’s a chore. They’re getting some CE and learning how to help your practice. But it’s often boring and in a stuffy environment. That’s no way to learn.On a cruise, on the other hand, they get to relax by the pool, enjoy days at sea and port, watch top-quality entertainment, and more. And the learning environments will be fun and comfortable. When learning becomes fun for them, they’ll be more engaged and will retain information better.

2. Participate in team-building activities and strengthen bonds as everyone spends leisurely time together.

On a cruise, everyone’s mindset is lifted. They’re relaxing together, not worrying about the phone ringing or restocking the supply room. They will get to know each other in a setting far outside of the office or a stuffy hotel room, creating tighter bonds and much greater opportunities to form bonds. They’re not going to be hiding their frown behind forced smiles. That’s going to make everyone on your team develop better relationships with one another.They’ll be stress-free when they’re sitting in a jacuzzi on the ship deck overlooking the sea with piña colada’s in their hands and laughing together. And they can participate in countless teambuilding activities. While each ship is different, teams can engage in sporting activities, ziplining, art auctions, and more. They can eat a variety of free meals together and explore all the boat has to offer. They can even take advantage of group excursions at ports of call, partaking in everything from hiking to horseback riding or browsing local shops.The same can’t be said when an orthodontic team goes to a stuffy airport hotel or function center. They have nowhere to go but a bar, restaurant, or networking hall, where they have to pay for all their food with a limited selection. That, or they just go to their rooms and sit alone. That’s no way to get everyone in a great, collaborative, relationship-building mood.

3. It gives practice leaders a high-value but lower-cost team productivity incentive.

Being a part of an orthodontic practice isn’t always easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re the dentist, dental assistant, front office team member, or any other role. Things get hectic, and everyone has a lot to do.In that environment, it can be hard to incentivize harder work. But dental cruises are uniquely positioned to do so because team members know they will get to experience all the benefits of a real vacation. And because it’s less expensive than budgeting for conference tickets, hotels, airfare, meals, and airport transfers to the practice, it’s a great win-win for everyone.Team members get to go on a cruise and have a blast while learning how to work both harder and smarter to increase their production. And the practice gets more production and a stronger culture at often a much lower cost than if you sent team members to a traditional, old-school conference.

Have you considered taking your orthodontic team on a dental cruise?

But with Smiles at Sea, taking your orthodontic team on a dental cruise is an easy and affordable way to strengthen your practice. But our top dental cruises sell out quick. You can learn more about the best dental conference experience right here.

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