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Here’s Why You Should Travel For Your Dental Continuing Education

Super easy pop quiz time! Do you love to travel? Do you love to keep your professional license up to date? How about both together? Conveniently, there are dozens of top dental continuing education conferences that allow you to do just that! In case it’s not already a no-brainer for you, here are 4 reasons why that’s an amazing idea!

1. Dental CE Travel Is A Vacation With Benefits

Traveling for your dental continuing education allows you to responsibly combine earning credits for your professional licensure with some well-earned leisure time. You get to visit new cities, countries, cultures, even climates, developing your professional skills and checking off bucket list items along the way.It takes you out of your normal routine and gives you the unique perspective you can only have in a new environment – so you can unplug, relax, and get present. This is the perfect mental state for absorbing all the exciting new information you’re learning – so when get back to work you’re totally rested and reinvigorated and ready to implement!

2. Dental CE Travel Will Help You Grow Your Network

If you expand your live dental CE courses to destination locations instead of just staying local, you’ll instantly expand your network by meeting colleagues you may otherwise have never come into contact with. It’s also a great opportunity to finally meet your online dental friends face to face.You’ll forge meaningful new relationships and strengthen existing connections as you learn the latest advancements with your fellow traveling dental professionals. You’ll likely find these comrades becoming some of the most treasured names on your contact list.This is how a strong network is built, both personally and professionally, by investing time and having shared experiences. It can even potentially open doors to new job opportunities.

3. If You Travel For Dental CE, You Learn From More Than Just Class

Traveling teaches you so many life lessons that you won’t receive sitting in a classroom. It exposes you to new environments and you meet people from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures. Talking to new people and learning their stories and life experiences will enrich your own life. It’ll be a huge benefit to the way you relate to patients as well as coworkers.It also opens up the opportunity for all sorts of adventures — from zip-lining in Alaska to a helicopter ride over Las Vegas to driving an ATV through a Mexican jungle (all real examples from my own dental CE travels). You’ll learn so much about yourself with experiences like that!

4. Your Dental CE Travel May Be Tax-Deductible

As if it couldn’t get any sweeter, in many cases, you may be able to write off the costs of your continuing education travel. This includes the cost of the course itself, your travel expenses, and possibly even a portion of your meals. This will vary depending on where you live, where you’re traveling, and what you’re doing. Consult your accountant and save all your receipts!

Dana Myers is a dental hygienist who serves on the Smiles At Sea crew as Exhibitor Concierge, Ship’s Log contributor, and purple-haired fun-enhancer. Don’t miss our upcoming events! Check out our Cruise Specials!

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