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How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience at The Dental Festival

Whether you’re an introvert who dreads the day you have to converse with business associates or an extrovert who is counting down the days till your next networking event, The Dental Festival on Land has you covered. Nurturing your business relationships, making new connections, and continuing your education is crucial to your progression. Choosing to […]

What is a Mastermind and How Can it Help You Radically Grow Your Business?

Connections are the single most important tool when it comes to expanding your business. Having a group of individuals with similar goals, different experiences, and the willingness to help you succeed is key to your growth. In business, it’s crucial to start building relationships that will support and encourage you from early on. Establishing these […]

Why a Dental Influencer Conference is The Solution to Your Networking Problems

In this day and age, making connections is the single most important activity to help any business grow. Without connections, you’ll miss out on building relationships with people to help you grow, attract new patients, and receive expert advice from peers. It’s also important to have individuals in your field who support and encourage you, […]

Care For Your Practice The Same Way You Care For Your Patients

by Madi Bullock Do you have a pulse on the health of your practice? How about days that are more popular for hygiene appointments, or holidays that may still warrant a half-day of being open? The best way to know how your practice is doing is simple. As the saying goes, the proof is in […]

4 Ways BURST Attracts Ambassadors

by BURST Oral Care Almost every industry has embraced the benefits of having an army of influencers, and the oral care world is no exception all thanks to BURST Oral Care. The BURST nation is growing rapidly and now it’s rather common to see toothbrush-crazy colleagues cleaning their corn alongside Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen. […]

United Medical Credit – We Help Patients Other Lenders Can’t

by United Medical Credit So often patients delay or decline treatment due to the out of pocket expense or inability to qualify for traditional financing. We can help! Why Choose Us? Traditional patient finance companies only approve about half of the applicants. United Medical Credit’s mission is to bring incremental revenue to your practice by securing payment […]