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Why a Dental Influencer Conference is The Solution to Your Networking Problems

In this day and age, making connections is the single most important activity to help any business grow. Without connections, you’ll miss out on building relationships with people to help you grow, attract new patients, and receive expert advice from peers. It’s also important to have individuals in your field who support and encourage you, […]

The Top 3 Best Dental CE Experiences

Though it’s an important requirement to fulfill each year, continuing education for dentists doesn’t have to be a drag. For one, it’s crucial to make sure that you and your team bring their A-game to everything you do. In a marketplace where a patient’s loyalty is earned, not given, you should do everything you can […]

3 Safe Travel Tips For Your 2021 Dental CE

With our April Miami Dental Festival successfully in the books and our newest dental CE opportunity coming up in October, we thought we would share some tips for safe travel that we learned from April attendees.  Whether you plan to attend the festival later this year or plan to travel for dental CE next year […]

How to Take Care of Dental CE In 2021

During the last year, the landscape for completing your continuing education as a dentist changed significantly. The COVID-19 pandemic altered how people gathered, especially during the first few months. Because so many events were canceled, dental CE providers tried new, creative ways to help dentists reach their requirements. Now, amid the new landscape, a dentist […]

3 Reasons to Go Above and Beyond With Your Dental CE Requirements

Dental CE is nothing new to dental professionals. It varies state by state, but for a long time now we’ve needed to annually complete a certain amount of dental CE courses in order to retain our licensure. While it can save a lot of time to scrape by and get the bare minimum amount of […]

Make the Most of Your Dental Trip to Miami

Some people might know of Miami thanks to the notoriety that the “Florida Man” has garnered for the cultural, economic, and financial center of The Sunshine State. Located in Southern Florida, Miami is a city that is known around the globe. But, despite the infamous headlines offered by all-too-many Floridian newspapers, The Sunshine State can […]

What to Do When Getting Your Dental CE in Labadee

One day, Smiles at Sea will (hopefully) have an entire cruise ship all to ourselves for our dental CE cruises. Until then, though, we have to compromise by renting out space on cruise lines. For our upcoming 5-night cruise from Miami, Florida to Labadee, Haiti, we’re choosing Royal Caribbean yet again. And that means there […]

The Unconventional Dental Convention

You can’t keep your license as a dental professional without doing some continuing education courses. Every state requires different amounts of credits, but the fact remains. That’s just the way it is; we need to stay sharp to provide the life-changing treatment our patients both need and deserve. But unfortunately, for some of us, getting […]

How to Navigate Your Dental Practice to Success

Running a dental practice isn’t easy, even if you have a great business mind. Most practice owners are dentists, however, who were never taught the tricks of the trade in dental school. They learned how to do a crown, an implant, or a filling, but they never learned how to run a business, let-alone a […]

How a DSO Can Reward and Educate Dental Practices at the Same Time

As a DSO, things might seem a bit hectic right now with all of your dental practices not operating at full capacity thanks to quarantining and social distancing. But the pandemic actually presents quite a few opportunities for you to focus on behind the scenes to better your practices and plan for things that can […]